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Background of Software

Seeliv Is Modern, Efficient And Cost-Effective School Automation Software that Make Stable To Almost Every School And Educational Institution. It Helps You To Get Closer With Parents, Staff And Management.

1):- Online Test Services
2):- School Management Software (ERP & LMS)
3):- MDCAT, NLE & PPSC Exams Preparation
4):- SEO & Social Marketing

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Software is developed in PHP + JavaScript that make it lighter to handle the thread easily with thousands of users

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SeeLiv software is cloud based software that make you enable to access your Institute from any where at any devices

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Trusted By 100+ Schools & HR Agencies Worldwide

The World is based on Code

Student Portal
10 Plus Features

Student Portal Include following feature:

  • Profile Management

  • Application management

  • Document management

  • Wallet & Finance Management

  • Online Fee Record & Receipts

  • Classes & Exams Schedule

  • Attendance record in Realtime

  • Online Exams on Laptop/Android

  • Instant Result with Solved Paper

  • Account Security Feature

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Admin Portal
30 Plus Features

Admin Portal Include following feature:

  • Profile Management

  • Visitor record and token system

  • Visitor Enquiries & CallBack Schedule

  • Courier History & Call log data

  • Events & Notice Board Management

  • School Status In Realtime

  • Section & Sub-Section Management

  • Section Fee / Record Management

  • Section Subject Management

  • Online Student Registration

  • Student Re-Enrolment Option

  • Student Profile Management

  • Student Digital Record

  • Classes/Course/Exam Management

  • Result & Scholarship Award

  • Systematic Finance System

  • Fee Discount & Collection Reports

  • Defaulter & Suspended student list

  • Classes & Exam realtime Schedule

  • Online & Physical Exams Option

  • Audio / Video Classes at zoom

  • Online attendance Management

  • Send Regular / Branded SMS

  • WhatsApp SMS lead Integration

  • School Basic Website

  • 1 year Free domain

  • 6 Month Free Cloud Hosting

  • Free Version Updates

  • 40 Language Availability

  • 157 Supported Currencies

  • 400 Supported Timezone

  • 24/7 Fast Support

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Teacher Portal
7 Plus Features

Teacher Portal Include following feature:

  • Profile Management

  • Take Attendance On Laptop/Android

  • Send SMS to absent student Parents

  • Wallet & Finance Management

  • Online Salary Record & Receipts

  • Classes & Exams Schedule

  • Upload Test Quiz Online

  • Account Security Feature

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Online Test Service

SeeLiv (SMC-Private) Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2017 (Registration Number: 0175853) of the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan in order to bring credibility, transparency and innovation in testing and assessment according to the need of individuals as well as public and private sector School / Colleges / Universities / institutions.

School Management Software

In today's time every school around the world needs the best School Management Software, Most of the schools have experienced one or other kind of system, however due to limitations of features, product experience or customer support problems they end up looking for better options. SeeLiv (SMC-Private) Limited provide you ever best software equipped latest technology

MDCAT, NLE Preparation brings the best of technology to provide 360 degree experience to Student willing to study online while being at home. Enjoy the fully services at reasonable price without any extra charge and Taxation With EBW Team's Experts. We are committed to providing students with the highest quality of Education & Discipline to compete with the modern World.

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